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Wedding Choreography Program

Wedding Choreography MontrealYou ever wondered what it would be like if you would entertain your own guests with an jaw dropping show performed by you and your significant half? Well, it IS possible and very EASY!

You receive one on one tuition from an experienced dancer and choreographer and a dance that is designed especially for you. We can also cater for your whole wedding party – Bride, Groom, Bridesmaids and Groomsmen for a real show stopper routine!

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The passion of salsa

Salsa PassionOriginally from Cuba, Salsa is generally performed with partners, with some solo and group styles gaining in popularity. Salsa continues to evolve, and different styles are associated with specific geographic areas. Characteristics that set each region apart include diversified foot patterns, turns and figures, and the attitude in which the dance is performed.

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Salsa on "1" or on "2"

salsa on 2There are many styles to the Salsa dance. The L.A style, New York style, Columbian style and the Cuban style are the most common ones. The Cuban style can be easily recognized by its circular motion on the dance floor, and the Columbian style is recognizable by his very fast footwork. The difference between the L.A style and the New York style is less visible to the naked eye.

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What to expect out of a Choreography session?

Choreography classChoreography is the art of designing sequences of movements in which motion, form, or both are specified. Whether for new challenges or objectives, the choreographic workshop is a fun and challenging session to put into practice all the knowledge acquired during previous beginner to advanced dance levels.

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