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Ragga DanceHall

Ragga DanceHallRAGGA JAM SALSA is a new style of dance born of the mixture Reggaeton and Salsa. This technique combines the basics of Salsa (footwork, lady's and men's styling ...) to the energy, power and rhythm of Reggaeton. The RAGGA JAM SALSA is a cocktail that will allow the dancer to develop his body language. The DANCEHALL is a Jamaican dance inspired from many Afro-Caribbean dances such as Hip-Hop. This technique offers many bodily movement isolations, undulations, all in a festive spirit. Discover these two styles increasingly popular, particularly in Europe. Now in Montreal!

Dancehall means the place where they dance both inside and outside. This word is of Jamaican origin. Indeed, the direct result of Dancehall Reggae music. This dance is a mixture of several styles (African dance, hip hop, jazz ...) advocating through Jamaican culture, freedom, sharing and respect for others.

Born in the streets, the Dancehall is constantly evolving and becoming popular in the Caribbean and Europe from the 2000s. Characterized by jerky movements, sensual and wavy, this dance also includes movements that have their own story about the Jamaican culture.

Nowadays, thanks to artists such as Sean Paul and Rihanna, dancehall is found in many video clips becoming more feminized version of Hip Hop. A whole new genre of dancehall arises derived from 2006 Ragga Salsa, with the popularization of Reggaeton. Ragga Salsa mix so the basics of salsa (footwork, lady's and men's styling) to the energy and rhythm of Reggaeton.

Dancehall is a dance technique that relies heavily on musicality, due to the diversity of rhythms used, it also makes use of different body isolations. Through choreographic routines you learn to have a purpose behind your movements, attitude and let yourself be carried away by the music.

Ragga Dancehall or Salsa is fun guaranteed.