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Advantages of private instruction:

  1. There are many subtleties to partner dancing, and if a student doesn't get help from a private instructor, the wrong habits and understandings could become a road block to other facets of dance.
  2. Private lessons help to minimize frustration. We believe the less frustration the better when it comes to learning; who doesn't? Though frustration can create determination in some people, it can discourage others. It's sad to see someone give up learning in the early stages when all was needed was a little personal attention. Every one deserves the opportunity to enjoy dancing.
  3. With a private instructor, you learn the fundamentals more quickly. A solid foundation is built, and you can keep learning, dancing, and succeeding. Succeeding is fun!
  4. It is easier to stay motivated with the help of a private instructor. This benefit is applicable not only to beginners but also to students who have been dancing more than a few years. Once out of the beginner stage, a student may not know what to do next. A private instructor is knowledgeable about different dances and styles and can help the student discover what new dances to learn, what goal to pursue next. Sometimes all a student needs in order to remain stimulated is someone to report to on a regular basis. It is always easier to work for something when you know someone is counting on you and that you're accountable to someone - your teacher. 

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