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Afro House Workshop Aug 24

Come and enjoy an Afro House Workshop!

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Sunday August 24th 5pm at our Downtown Studio.

Luanda, Angola and New York City are now the leaders of the dance style and are responsible for its evolution. Afro-House dance is characterized by a fusion of traditional NY house footwork, lofting and an eclectic mix of current African urban dances such as Kuduro, Ndombolo, Coupé-Décalé and Sabar. This class focuses on how to apply both traditional and African street dance movements within an urban dance context. Evolving house basics with Afro inspired arm movements/hip isolations and how to utilize basic techniques within House dance and floor work.

Why choose San Tropez?

- Our dance instructors have all been trained in many dances and more making them the best choice in the city!
- Want to improve your dance skills? Ask us about the opportunity to schedule a 15 minute personalized consultation with one of our pro dance instructors!
- Don't miss this opportunity to get in shape, learn how to dance and have fun!! RSVP



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