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Bachata Choreo - Trial Class - Jan 11

bachata choreography

Sunday January 11th 4pm - Downtown - Bachata Choreo - Trial Class

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We are assembling a new Bachata Choreo Choreo team who are looking to put their passion on stage at the 11th 2015 Montreal Salsa Convention (May 13-18th), the Summer Ball in June and many more. During this (TRIAL CLASS WEDNESDAY JANUARY 12TH 8PM) intensive program, students will develop their Salsa skills and combine FLAVOUR, playful rhythms, sensuality, body movement, and footwork, all while feeding your desire to live that dance on stage in front of live audiences. Get into the music, learn essential performance techniques and have a fun doing what you love!

RSVP here. Downtown Dance Center - 1222 Peel, (514) 871-8852.

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