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Kizomba & Brazil Zouk with Pasty & Josta May 22 & 24

 Don't miss your chance to take a workshop from Amsterdam - Zouk's world renown couple. Fancy new tricks and style. Get ready!


Wednesday workshops

Wednesday May 22nd

Workshop 25$ in advance / 35$ at the door
Private classes also available. Contact us for reservations

7pm: Kizomba Beginner    Reserve here
8pm: Brazilian Zouk Beginner    Reserve here
9pm: Practice at Salsatheque Zouk, Salsa and more




Friday workshopsFriday May 24th

Workshop 25$ in advance / 35$ at the door
Private classes also available. Contact us for reservations

7pm: Brazilian Zouk Intermediate   Reserve here
8pm: Brazilian Zouk Beginner   Reserve here
10pm: Practice party at the West-Island Studio






Edelmar Pieternelle aka Pasty, born March 7th 1981, Willemstad Curaçao. Dancing with a style as only he can, Pasty brings a new flavour into the Caribbean dances.

Josta Ruby O’niel Born in Amsterdam 1981 to a Dutch mother and a Surinamese father. After a career in gymnastics she graduated from the dance department of the Amsterdam school for higher arts education. 

Pasty: Starting on the Caribbean island of Curaçao, Pasty’s dancing career involves a wide array of different dances, from the local Tambu, Ritmo Kombina and Tumba, to Merengue, Bachata, Cha Cha, Salsa to the Brazilian Zouk on which he now focuses his main attention. In his years of professional dance experience Pasty has worked with the most respected salsa and zouk artists and developed a unique dancing and teaching style.

Currently Pasty teaches and performs, beside his study Skin Therapy, under his own name Pasty Dance and different big dance schools in the Netherlands, where Pasty is a famous face both in the Salsa and the Zouk scene. 

As an artist Pasty values emotion, technique, innovation, body movement and musicality, both in his shows and his classes. His classes are full of energy, so his students have to be prepared to work it! In his shows he always aims to add something new to the dance and create a mixture between the traditional Caribbean dance and his own interpretation of what the dance could be. Pasty is very well known for his innovative style and supple movements. He keeps surprising his students and audiences.

Josta: Since, she has worked as a professional dancer in various companies and projects employing different styles; from entertainment, musical, contemporary dance to performance art. Her passion for Caribbean/Latin music and dance started from a young age being exposed to it from her mother who listened and danced Salsa, Cha Cha Cha and Merengue. 

In her teenage years Josta participated and performed with a show-group that focusses on Brazilian and African dances. At they age of 17 she discovered Zouk and never stopped dancing it. In 2001 she won the Corona Lime contest and in 2004 the Brasazouk contest in Amsterdam. She works with the most respected Zouk artists, performs and gives workshops worldwide. So far showing her work in Spain, Suriname, Tjechie, Curacao, Poland, Australia, Brazil, Germany, Zweden, Switzerland and the UK Josta seeks to enrich the classical form of Zouk by combining within it other dance styles, techniques and ways of presentation. 

Currently Josta is creating her own Zouk teaching platform and completing her education as a Shiatsu practitioner. 


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