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Downtown: 1222 Peel, Montreal

tel: 514-871-8852

Reggaeton Workshop Aug 28

Come and enjoy a Reggaeton Workshop!

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Tuesday August 28th 7pm at our Downtown Studio.

Spicy. Steamy. Sexy. Reggaeton. Originally from the streets of Puerto Rico, this hot Latin dance music with roots in hip-hop, salsa and reggae requires a spicy mix of sensual moves and supreme confidence. You've got what it takes to dance reggaeton--you just have to let it loose. 

Why choose San Tropez?

- Our Brazilian Samba dance instructors have all been trained in Samba dances and more making them the best choice in the city!
- Want to improve your dance skills? Ask us about the opportunity to schedule a 15 minute personalized consultation with one of our pro dance instructors!
- Don't miss this opportunity to get in shape, learn how to dance and have fun!! RSVP

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